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Visionary: Team Wonderment

Location: Wonderment HQ

Focus: Connecting philanthropy with local grassroots creators

We help large donors, foundations and orgs make a difference through a global network of local grassroots projects and creators.

A person who lives in a community can often recognize that community’s needs and opportunities better than any big organization. But that person’s ability to get the resources to act on that unique and authentic inspiration is often limited because they aren’t visible and vettable through traditional means.

Many large donors, foundations and orgs with global reach share our desire to direct their dollars in ways that create authentic, locally grounded impact. And we know it can be incredibly difficult to find those opportunities and people without a lot of administrative bloat and disconnect.

Now those shared desires can meet and show a new way forward.

We work with larger donors and orgs to provide authentic access to our network of community-based grassroots projects and creators to accomplish their giving goals. But more than that: we offer an experience that extends far beyond just writing a check. We replace annual reports with real shared relationships and real-time progress. And we collaborate with you to create a new kind of legacy that connects communities and elevates local awareness and actions rather than importing assumed solutions.

Whether you have DAF funds needing a direction or are a company looking to establish or advance your social impact goals, we’d love to connect and show you what’s possible together.

We're excited to connect with you. Tell us a little about you and your interest and we'll be in touch!