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Visionary: Hilde Fålun Strøm and Sunniva Sorby/Hearts in the Ice

Location: Norway & Canada

Focus: Citizen scientists

Your contribution will go directly to the places and people where real progress is possible.

With our Bamsebu overwintering, we set out to show what ordinary, dedicated people can do to help understand and protect some of the world’s most extraordinary and vulnerable places.

Now, we’re bringing together a collective of local indigenous communities, students, scientists, manufacturers, environmental organizations and others who care about the health of our planet—and who all have a unique perspective and role to play.

Your contribution to the Hearts in the Ice Collective Fund will make it possible for us to identify and support citizen scientists and projects arising among indigenous youth and community leaders around the arctic circle. Not only can you know that your funds will go directly to real people and work in real communities—we will also be documenting and sharing these experiences with you as we go.

Together, we can show the world that all of us are part of the solution to climate change.