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Visionary: Friends and Supporters of the Kashia Pomo

Location: California

Focus: Re-establishing Sacred Spaces

"Everybody needs a place to heal. This roundhouse is for all who need it.”

Today, a little over 100 miles north of San Francisco resides “The People from the Top of Land,” also known as Kashia Pomo. For over 10,000 years, the Kashia have lived on and cared for this land. In the face of colonization, they survived and continue to practice sacred ceremonies of healing for the earth and their communities. A handful of tribal members are working to restore a sacred Roundhouse on their reservation.

Please help us complete this project. There are not many of these places left. Your dollars will make an immediate impact, covering the costs of labor, and supplies like shingles, staples, and roofing felt, to ensure that the Roundhouse is completed and weather-proof before the winter.

This Roundhouse is much bigger than a building: it is a symbol of resilience and reclamation. A place to gather, heal and nurture connections and community. An invitation for healing for all who seek it.

Our goal is to secure the funds we need for supplies before November 1, 2022. Can you help us weave this dream into reality?