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Visionary: The Wonderment Cooperative

Location: Wonderment HQ

Focus: Supporting Creative Community Builders Everywhere

Small scale visionaries are all around us, and with the right support they are the epicenter of big possibilities.

The Small Scale Visionary Fund creates an essential flow of resources shaped entirely by the needs and opportunities of small-scale visionaries.

The operating thesis of the fund is to find, foster and fund small-scale visionaries at key stages that make it possible for them to develop financially and socially sustainable vehicles through which their core vision can continually operate to transform their own lives and the community around them—both locally and globally.

The return on the fund is not only the immediate and ongoing direct impact it catalyzes but also the transformation of philanthropy: when we succeed in making purpose and community-improvement into personal, innovative, sustainable ventures, we untether ourselves from a centralized “donation-to-mouth” paradigm and enter the world of diverse creative innovation.

All this and you still get the tax write-off of a donation.