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Visionary: Holly, the Perpetual Adventurer

Location: Moab, UT

Focus: Experiential Learning Empowerment for All

Join me to take learning to a new realm with experiences that connect science, self-discovery and service-learning.

Learning happens on the edge of understanding and growth at the edge of our comfort zone.

Like coyote, we should be curious, creative, and always ask the critical questions about the consequences of our actions.

My purpose is to support this through “Coyote Mentoring”: experiences that connect us to nature, each other and ourselves in transformational ways to discover our own unique passions and powers and take positive action in our communities.

I offer cohesive learning tracks that give students the opportunity to:

  • Experience diverse ecosystems and cultures while building confidence in the outdoors and themselves
  • Engage in real-world research and art projects
  • Develop skills for positive change and self-empowerment
  • Grow in a supportive community of other students around the world with guidance from passionate experts—all while earning school credit in science, math, english, history and adventure learning

Explore the opportunities to join me online or in-person below!