Visionary: Creators' Guild

Location: Around the world

Focus: The future of work and learning

Are you a teacher or org leader who sees a different future of learning and work? The Creators' Guild collective works to actualize those future visions in schools and youth groups today.

Creators’ Guild isn’t just another curriculum add-on or afterschool club or HR program. It’s a hub where any group of humans can come together and learn how to cooperate with others to create a shared, sustainable future—but with the fun and spontaneity of a group of friends starting a band in a garage.

Over the last decade here at Wonderment HQ, we’ve dedicated ourselves to becoming experts on how to support this kind of gathering, helping spontaneous connection grow into cooperative endeavors that generate real impact. We’ve seen how it can grow in endlessly diverse places and ways. We believe this process of exploration and shared action represents the future of learning and work. But we’ve also recognized that those who undertake this essential endeavor need some real effing support.

That’s what Creators’ Guild is for.

We offer our Creator’s Guild program and grants to support groups of creative community builders as they learn how to collectivize around their work. These collectives take all different shapes–we’ve seen school businesses, youth-led banks, community farms, expedition explorers, and spontaneous arts organizations. There’s no limit to the diverse ideas and actions that can be brought to the collective once it’s mobilized. And with the knowledge-sharing and support of a global community of teachers, facilitators, and youth activists, even the smallest local action is truly a part of a global movement.

Apply below to find out how to join the Creator’s Guild program and learn how to initiate a hub at your school, club or org. From these applications, we periodically select new participating sites and groups and match you with resources, facilitators and mentors from our existing collectives around the world.

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