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Visionary: CRREAL Collective

Location: In the Wild

Focus: Convivial Conservation

Welcome to the CRREAL Collective. We're so glad to meet you.

We are all ordinary individual people—but each of us has incredible power when we can join with others in shared purpose.

This is the essence of CRREAL. We are a growing circle of friends who see the deep need (and opportunity) to come together in new ways to serve the wild ones and spaces on this planet. We believe as we do so, we discover the deepest parts of ourselves and recognize our essential, joyful relationships with each other and all of nature.

We’re supported in this work by our 501c3 non-profit partner The Wonderment, who develop and connect collectives like us all over the world. Together, we work to identify and nurture “small-scale visionaries”—normal people with unique perspective, passion and place in the world who might not otherwise be seen or heard. Our collective work is toward activating them in their life’s purpose and work as we create outsized impact from even the most outlier origins.

Please get the feeling of the essence of both The Wonderment and CRREAL below. And then sign up if you’d like details to join us for one of our monthly collective calls. No matter who you are or where you are from, you have something to bring to this conversation.

Each month, we have a collective call exploring ideas, sharing people and project updates and offering ways to get involved. It's conversational and inspiring—and we'd love to have you join us. Fill out your info below and we'll send you the details you need to join us for our next call (or to get access to the recording if you're not able to join yet!)
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