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Visionary: CRREAL

Location: Around the world

Focus: A series of conversations to develop a relational understanding of convivial conservation.

Join us for our next roundtable conversation.

Convivial conservation is an approach to conservation based in Nature’s wisdom— one where humans are not separate from the Natural world or Land that we endeavor to protect, nor more important.

It asks that we reconnect with all forms of knowledge including the ancient knowledge that all beings can coexist in understanding and reverence. It asks that our human actions emerge from this deeply integrated perspective where reciprocity, respect and wellbeing of all is central.

But how do we develop and integrate this perspective?  How does it influence the practical process of conservation work? How does it shape our social and ecological approaches and actions?

This is a series of conversations amongst heart-centered humans, exploring this idea and directly informing the projects and work we support as a collective. We are so excited to welcome the lens and wisdom you can bring.