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Visionary: La Paz Community School

Location: Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Focus: Service Learning

Make dozens of student-led community projects possible with the La Paz Community Impact Fund.

At La Paz Community School, we cultivate informed, mindful citizens of the world—and now you can support them as they put this into action to shape and build our surrounding neighborhoods and community.

Every year—inspired by the IB “Creativity, Activity, Service” requirement—a group of these emerging student leaders step into the role of entrepreneurial grassroots organizers. Starting with an exploration of their own unique interests, these students conceptualize and implement projects and experiences that prepare them for meaningful lives and work, giving them deep working knowledge in areas like project management, executive leadership, logistics and collaboration. But they also create real, lasting impact and relationships in the community that might never happen otherwise. 

The La Paz Community Impact Fund will revolutionize the way we conceive, execute and sustain these projects. With your help, this fund will give equitable access to shared seed money upfront and the possibility of expanding funding for projects that show the most promise–making it possible to deepen and expand their impact both immediately and long term.