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Hi, partner whose work, spark and purpose we believe in! Here's how we support your vision to come to life.

This is a sample landing page to show you the core “toolkit” we offer to support your work. As a partner, you’ll have your own landing page similar to this (customized for your work and community) which makes it simple for people to

  • understand and connect with your story and purpose
  • follow and interact with your work
  • fund and support you

We believe that sometimes the people with the most genuine potential to impact the world get sidelined by the sheer amount of administrative details it takes to do it. So we’ve identified the key needs and brought together the tools and process to make it simple for YOU to keep focusing on the important work that is inspiring you.

Below you’ll find a sample example of each element. Step-by-step we’ll help you by developing:


All funds donated through your specific portal are documented, distributed to you and generates an immediate tax-deductible receipt for any donor. Our update to this funding module will also allow for non-traditional donation types and other ways to customize your ability to receive people's support.