Visionary: Wonderment HQ

Location: Schools and clubs around the globe

Focus: Youth taking action

Creative community building is the future of school and work

From the very beginning the Wonderment was a project focused on supporting the vision, imagination, and energy of young people who naturally look around their communities and start asking, What if?

Through our Creator’s Guild program and grants we support groups of creative community builders in schools and youth groups to take action and start collectivizing around their work. These youth collectives take all different shapes–we’ve seen school businesses, banks, farms, and arts organizations. It general starts with a single shared action, but there’s no limit to the diverse ideas and actions young people might bring to the collective once you’ve gathered up. With the advice and support of a global community of teachers, facilitators, and youth activists, even the smallest local action is truly a part of a global movement.

Apply below to start a Wonderment Creator’s Guild in your school or club. We periodically select new participating sites from the applications below and match facilitators and youth leaders with mentors from our existing collective around the world.

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