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Need help starting your own school or community farm?

“There is some good in this world, Mr. Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for.” Samwise Gamgee

Most of us dream of ways we could improve and strengthen our communities from time to time, but so often we don’t take action, worrying that the effort might not be worth the cost in precious time or the potential frustrations and seemingly endless approval channels to get something new up and running. When we considered starting The Shire Farm, we felt the same.

But as we got started, one step at a time, we were amazed to see how a simple school farm could level the playing field of learning and experiences for all students. It was magical seeing K-5 students’ eyes light up as their planted seeds pushed through the soil and grew into a 7-foot sunflower. For the high schoolers, working together on the farm created unique opportunities to grow character and friendships.  It was powerful and inspiring…and showed us it was worth fighting through those initial feelings of trepidation to bring our farm to life.

Whether you are part of a small or large school, rural or urban community, or local or international, this could be the most important and life changing journey you will ever take. And now you don’t have to do it on your own.

We’re gathering a “fellowship of the farm” to share knowledge, connections and experience amongst a diverse group of people of all ages and experience but with a shared passion for school farms. As part of the fellowship, one of our key goals is to equip and support each member with the tools and expertise they need to build and sustain a great school farm for their community. Over time, this will include support in establishing your big idea, managing key resources (water, soil, sunlight and power), developing schedules and budgets and much more. We also offer affordable access to personal consultation as needed for your specific circumstances and project.

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We offer lots of resources to people looking to start school farms, including affordable access to consulting to get your specific project up and going without all the headaches. Fill out your info below and we'll send you details to get started. (This is for personal work directly with us and your info won't be shared with anyone else, for any reason.)