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Visionary: The Wonderment

Location: Wonderment HQ

Focus: Collectivize Everything

Welcome to The Wonderment: A place to gather and take collective action.

Hello, new friends. We’re so glad you’ve showed up!

Here at Wonderment HQ, our whole purpose is to support you to gather with other like-minded people to explore, create and take action on things that matter to you.

The Wonderment platform gives you a place to do this and build what we call a “Collective.” A collective might consist of two people or a hundred, but no matter the number of collaborators, they connect through a shared experiences, explorations and actions that take the form of what we call Paths and Projects.

And every collective starts with one inspired person who takes the first step and puts out the call. If you’re here, that person is you!

Your first step in the collective process is to make a Path that introduces you. Check out a couple examples and a helpful video below to get an idea how to do that. Your own Path can share elements about you as a person, about your motivations/desires or about what ideas or actions you’re thinking about (ideally a mix of all!)—just make it alive and you.

You can edit or change your Path however you want at any point (and no one will see it until you share it to the collective) so don’t worry too much to get started. Just click the “Start your Path” option below and start experimenting!