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Visionary: Growing A Future

Location: Elmira, Oregon

Focus: A new model of school farming

Help us create a transformative school farming experience for every K-12 student and teacher.

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”  Proverbs 22:6

We are the Growing A Future Fellowship: soil friends and earth warriors who believe the best way to equip this next generation (and future ones) is to give them direct experience in learning how to grow healthy soil and food during their formative years and, perhaps more importantly, for them to see why learning these skills is so vitally important to their futures. 

We’ve started with the school farm we created and run year-round in our own town of Elmira, Oregon. We work with students, teachers and community members to provide fresh food access to the community with students directly involved in the whole process—and provide support to incorporate these transformative learning experiences into their school environment.

But we also see this as a call and opportunity to connect and support a whole global collective of farms and communities like ours. By offering a place for knowledge-sharing and support, we can make it easier and more possible for the power of farms like these to grow and be made available to more of this next generation.

But we need help to do it. A donation through the module on this page won’t just go to a general organization administration—it will go directly to the activities on Shire Farm and helping us share those resources with the next farm in the collective. You’ll receive your tax deductible documentation immediately but you’ll also get ongoing personal follow up and updates so you can see where your resources are making a difference in real time – as well as opportunities to connect directly and form deeper relationships with the places and people you are supporting.

This is a moment of great challenge and great opportunity—and together we can support this next generation to revivify a reciprocal relationship with the land, their communities, their own learning and each other.