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Visionary: Project Wonder microgrants

Location: Wonderment HQ

Focus: Supporting creative community actions

We're giving $500 microgrants for small creative community actions—no strings attached and no complicated applications.

Even the biggest vision starts with a small first step—and needs access to the right-sized support to just get going. But at that stage, it can be hard to know where to find that or how to ask.

Enter Project Wonder, our starter microgrant program. It’s as simple to “apply” for one of our microgrants as it is to write your idea down on a napkin. When we here at Wonderment HQ see an interesting project or creator pop up, we simply give you the microfunds you need (up to $500) and you document how your proposed action goes.

But we don’t just leave you there. As your sense of possibility grows, we continue to surround you with tools and opportunities to convene the people and resources that can bring any vision to life—one small step (and meaningful connection) at a time.

Fill out the simple form below and we’ll send you all the details you need to get started.

Fill out your info below and we'll send you details to get started. (We are a non-profit org and do not gather or share any info for any reason other than to connect you with the resources you're requesting.)
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