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Wonderer: The Wonderment

Location: HQ

Focus: FIND Real Possibility

We find these Wonderers—real people doing real work in communities around the world—and help them bring their vision to life.

In every moment, in communities all over the world, small sparks of possibility light up: someone sees a way of doing something differently, a way of meeting a need, a way to create joy. But so often, these moments are never seen.

Why? Because our dominant systems are built with a focus on big problems—not small possibilities. We’ve forgotten how good it feels (and how powerful it is) to connect through simple, genuine moments and actions like these. But with the right tools and awareness of one another, a better world can emerge from these sparks. We’re here to support that vision and reality.

At the Wonderment, we:

  • find where these small but powerfully genuine opportunities are bubbling up in communities
  • support and connect the people who are listening and acting upon them (we call them “Wonderers”) with the resources they need to grow their work and share their story
  • invite others to support and create these possibilities along with them in meaningful ways
How It Works