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Wonderer: The Wonderment

Location: HQ

Focus: FUND with Flow

We connect these projects and people with supporters who are looking to make a real difference in a more authentic, satisfying way.

There’s a feeling when you know you’ve made a difference. Sometimes it appears in small, unexpected moments and sometimes in big investments. But however it shows up, it’s one of the best feelings out there— the warmth of knowing that we’re all connected and that we personally have the power to impact others for the better.

We think that every experience of giving should feel like this. We don’t think it’s found in the world of annual reports and transactions and fundraising galas. It’s waiting in the magic of shared experiences with people, places and projects you have a genuine relationship with.

At the Wonderment, we:

  • take the time to understand what inspires you so that we can connect you with the most resonant people and projects for your giving interests
  • build trust together by starting with simple project opportunities and then helping you deepen your impact with work and partners that truly reflect your shared desires
  • connect you in ongoing ways to real-time progress with the projects and people you’re supporting 
How It Works