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Wonderer: The Wonderment

Location: HQ

Focus: FURTHER Relationships

Then we support these connections and possibilities to grow through real, ongoing relationships of trust.

Lasting change doesn’t come from individual outcomes. It comes from relationships–the lasting bonds created when people take inspired action together.

Relationships create trust, opening our hearts and minds to the connections that naturally result in the ever-evolving solutions and outcomes that we need most.

This is the Wonderment.

Our digital platform creates a global campfire around which all who hear the call can gather to exchange stories and ideas, build community and share their diverse visions for the future. This gathering of Wonderers represents people of all ages, abilities, interests, economic status, and global connectedness.

As Wonderers ourselves, we are most drawn to those whose voices may not have been heard, but whose actions come from an essential, authentic place—and are ready for broader support and attention. This is what is represented on the Wonderment platform: people telling their own stories of their own hopes and work happening in their own communities. This collective, heartfelt sharing offers all participants the opportunity to be seen and heard, and to see and hear others in a new way.

This creates a truly unprecedented opportunity to fulfill each of our own unique possibilities while we make a better world together.

What We Do