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Visionary: The Wonderment

Location: Wonderment HQ

Focus: Collectivizing

Welcome to The Wonderment: A place to gather and take collective action.

Hello, new friends. We’re so excited you’ve showed up!

The Wonderment platform exists to make it possible for you to gather with other like-minded people to take action together—basically to form what we call a “Collective.” These collectives might consist of 2 people or a hundred, but no matter the number of collaborators, they are connected by a shared desire and experience of inquiry and action. These shared activities take the form of what we call Paths and Projects. (More about these important pieces later.)

But the other special part of doing this on the Wonderment platform is that we (as a US501c3 nonprofit org) are here to nurture and support you in this work on a human side, too. Our process gives homegrown, grassroots collectives (starting with inspired individuals like you) the support to operate as a fully-fledged non-profit organization without any of the administrative headaches and hoops to jump through. With our support and infrastructure, you can just focus and do the work—of whatever size or scope—that is inspiring you and others to gather and take action. 

This process starts with you finding and sharing your spark of an idea for a collective. Simply imagine: if you were to start a collective, what would you call it and what would you want to start doing together? Whether you already have a group of collaborators in mind, or want to start reaching out to gather like-minded individuals, this simple step is the beginning of making yourself known to others and to us. 

We here at Wonderment HQ will be continually monitoring the responses on the Path below and selecting various collective-starters every month for additional “barn-raising” support, ranging from microgrants to donor introductions to creative content development. 

So get started below and tell us what you imagine for your Collective!