Calling all Coastal Communities!

By Mattt

Utah, United States

A lot of people are talking about water--it's an important topic! But the people we need to hear from most now are those living on the shores of the oceans and rivers we all depend on for food, trade, and even our culture.

If you’re a kid or a youth organization in one of these vital coastal communities, we want to hear from you! Connecting to coastal kids like you all over the world you'll discover others like you, with the wisdom and passion to start a movement to protect the water and the communities that depend on it. As young people show up here and say hello, we'll start to see that now matter how vast the seas might be between us, the water itself is actually the living stream that connects us all!

Tell us about where you live and what the water means to you and your community. And then give a shout out and nominate another coastal community you know to be the next ones to introduce themselves Wonderment community.

And be sure to check out our map of coastal kids connecting from all over the world--we're adding new friends every day!

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