Citizen Science Challenge: Noticing Weather Changes Around You

By aeon

Utah, United States

One of the most important parts of citizen science is to always be noticing the environment around you. When we pay attention in this way, the different elements we notice can show us patterns. And when we share these noticings with others, it can be an important way to understand how our earth is changing—and how this is connected to each of us. In this citizen science challenge, we're asking you to notice something that's always present around all of us: the weather. We want you to document and share one way you've noticed the weather change around you over the last two years. Has it gotten warmer earlier than you remember? Stayed colder longer? Have you gotten more (or less) rain? Tell us about it and the overall weather in your area in a video or photo below! (If you want to learn more about this from our weather expert Sven Saandgard, watch the video we recorded from Bamsebu with classrooms around the world.)

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