Join Our Face Mask Challenge

Do you know how to sew or have cotton fabric a sewing machine or know someone who does? I bet the answer is "yes" to at least one of those questions, which means you're being challenged to create at least 5 face masks to donate to people in your community who need it. If we all get our neighbors, Grandmas, schools and clubs in on this, we can sew hundreds of masks to help address the shortage of personal protective equipment! Will you join us?!?

If you haven't done this before and need patterns/resources to get started, you can follow our process HERE.

If you are already doing something like this in your community, we want to hear how you're making this happen too!

Let's inspire more people to get involved! Post a picture or video of any masks you make and tell us about your experience doing it below.

See more about our personal mask making project

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