Living Beyond Boundaries

By Mattt

Utah, United States

We all have different roles at work, at home, while having fun. Sometimes the settings and roles are so different that these can feel like entirely different worlds with hard boundaries between them. But is there any place or time in your life when your worlds collide and your different roles mash up? How does what you care about in one world fuel your action in another? What if you could live beyond those boundaries--could bringing your role from one world give you new insight and connections in one of your other worlds?

We talked to our longtime friend and collaborator Amy Jacobs, business and service learning teacher at La Paz Community School, about the amazing energy that can be harnessed when your roles and passions bleed into each other throughout your day. Check out the conversation below, and respond to the path below to show us what that kind of mash-up looks like in your worlds!

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Amy Jacobs Interview title

Connected Collectives

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