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Eric Behrman

What I like:
I enjoy surfing, sewing, socilizing and snowboarding. I like surfing and snowboarding because they put to use one of the skills that i have, balace. they also help me to work out and to be active. I enjoy sewing because I like to see the product and know that it was somthing that I made and I, as well as others like, it gives me a sense of pride. I like socilizing because I feel that my friends will support me, and I like that.
What I Do:
adaptibility I have moved to many differnt places and i have changed high schools three times, and all of the times i have made friends in those schools and improved as a person. motivated I am willing to change when I see that something is not working. This is good to be able to evovle and improve as a person.
What I Want:
I would like to have cleaner beaches for when i am surfing, and i feel that making things out of the trash is a good way to draw atention to the amount of trash that is on the beach, hopefully having others come to help. I will sell them to help a charity that i like what they are doing, but i will still need to search for one.
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