Bakers Against Trafficking

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The Salt Lake Bakers, Salt Lake City, UT

'Bakers Against Trafficking' is a project founded by the Salt Lake Bakers, which tries to bring human trafficking awareness, through means of baking! Human trafficking is a global problem, and can be seen around the world; so me and my team wanted to create a set of bake sales around the city, which bring up trafficking awareness, and try to prevent it from happening. As I have looked around my community, I have begun to notice the problem that is human trafficking in my community. And yet it seems that most of our legislation does not seem notice the problem that it is, so I want to bring awareness into the community. We can post flyers at our bake sales, the proceeds can go to human trafficking prevention. And finally, if this plan is a success, I want to bring this problem before the legislature this following season, and hope they will aide us in our march to make a safe, brighter future.

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