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Gift of Giving, Chandler, AZ

Our group enjoys volunteering with the elderly and disabled. We volunteer at memory cares and disability centers. Our group has been consistently volunteering at memory cares. We participated in various activities including artwork and gardening. Painting and coloring greeting and holiday cards is what we do considering artwork. Since Arizona is typically very hot, we are limited to the outdoor time. When we can, we garden outdoors with the residents. For example, we would plant flowers in pretty vases. Karthik Srinivas has teamed up with his friends and family to help spread the message of giving back by spending time with the elderly and community. Our goal is to expand the group and help others spread a positive message. We have been interviewed by the ABC 15 news and by SanTan Valley Newspaper. We also published books on Amazon called Gift of Time: Dementia Members and Sports with Seniors: Dementia Members.

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Karthik Srinivas

What I like:
I enjoy studying science. More specifically, I enjoy biology. The study of life is very interesting to me. I also enjoy spending time with friends. I like doing volunteer work because I can spend time with my friends alongside having a positive time with my community.
What I Do:
I am fifteen years old and I participate in various volunteer activities. I've built and enhanced skills throughout my work. One of the most important skills I have built is being able to be a hard, efficient and respectful worker. When I volunteer at the centers, I make sure to consistently talk to the residents and check up on their days.
What I Want:
I just want to inspire people to give back to their community. People have various skillsets which can positively impact others.
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