Realms of Possibilities

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Salt Lake City, Utah

Realms of Possibilities is an educational model with a holistic approach to learning and social-emotional development that focuses on the power and impact of experiential education to make a positive difference in our communities and in the world. Through service projects, international travel, outdoor experiences and activism, students learn to take risks and responsibility in their own learning paths, equipped with the tools to transform their lives and improve their communities.

After years in the This 'phoenix rising from the ashes' phase

involves bringing our model of education to a diverse range of students, including those that would otherwise not have access to this type of education.

It will be rolled out in creative a-la-carte 'hybrid' intensive courses, such as an Adventure-based Environmental Impact Studies courses at a field station in Moab and in the Wasatch Watershed; Evolution in Action in the Galapagos International Trip; and Impact 101: Journalism, Activism, and Entrepreneurship for Kids.

It will also be a hub for youth grass-roots community organizing and creative projecting.

This project page serves to document the journey to creating a new system and way of being to revolutionize our communities and education.
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