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Visionary: Tebogo "Teddy" Monnaaphuthego

Location: Botswana

Focus: Conservation and Education

Nurturing the future of conservation in Botswana—and protecting the future of the sacred mowana tree at the same time.

Anyone who has met Tebogo (“Teddy”) has felt his deep curiosity, connection and commitment to both the land and community he calls home.

Now he is bringing his heritage of indigenous land practices together with a modern challenge: the iconic mowana tree is struggling to survive and thrive throughout Botswana due to elephant overfeeding (influenced by a variety of human factors). This generous but sensitive species is essential to the ecosystem and needs to be protected—but how? And how do we not hurt the elephants in the meantime, as so many currently used solutions do?

See below how Teddy has created a groundbreaking community-based solution—and how you can support both the future of these species and a new generation of conservation in Botswana at the same time.