Mowana Rehabilitation Movement

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Tebogo, Botswana

The mowana (baobab) trees throughout Botswana are struggling to survive and thrive because of human impact on elephant migration leading to overfeeding on these generous but sensitive trees. This species is essential to our ecosystem and needs to be protected—but how? And how do we not hurt the elephants in the meantime?

This project brings together the organic solution that I’ve created through research and indigenous practices and the education program that I’ve spent years developing for local schools. By training local young people to be able to use this approach to protect mowana trees, we will not only help the trees and elephants thrive better together but also plant the seeds and confidence of conservation experience for a new generation.

This Collective

Project Owners


What I like:
Conservation, Ecosystem awareness, connection to the natural world, sharing knowledge, inspiring nature connection in children, protecting wild ones and wild spaces.
What I Do:
Listen and learn from nature, live with reverence for all beings, share and learn together.
What I Want:
Protect 2 iconic African species, inspire children to grow up caring about the wild, share ideas and work together.


What I like:
Learning how to support wild spaces and their beings/ecosystems, working collectively for inspired change, feeling my way to connection with others, working from a foundation of relational trust, being a bridge for people, ideas, bailiwicks.
What I Do:
Love the wild, listen, sense inspiration, assess relational trust, support those who know and care.
What I Want:
Protect Botswana's Mowanas and Elephants, support their convivial conservation, work with and learn from someone who knows and cares about the Okavango delta and its ecosystem, collaborate with other like minded beings, catalyze change.
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Toyota LC79 4.2 Diesel
$23,250 - purchased
Mokoro x 3
Outdoor canvas tent x 4
Camping chairs x 4
200 L container x 3
Wheel barrow x1
Neem Oil 20 L /mth x 1 yr
Step Ladder x1
Axe x 1
Spade x1
Internet access - router and sim
$97 - purchased
Diesel (annually)


2003 Toyota LC79 4.2L diesel
Ms. Mary Jane O'Connor
Supplies, expenses for Pasting Mowanas for this year
Ms. Mary Jane O'Connor
Educational Program supplies and expenses first rural schools
Ms. Roswitha Smale

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