Small connections are the heart of big change.

We bring together creators and supporters in authentic relationships and work that meets our worlds’ collective challenges from a place of possibility and personal connection.

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“Our favorite part of this work is to meet the curious people around the world who make this community possible.

This is a place to connect with people who see possibilities where others can’t. Who try when others might not. Who are willing to reach out and create connections in ways others might not know how to.

That curiosity and willingness matters. And that’s why we’re here to see, hear, support and connect you with the resources that make it possible for your work, ideas and relationships to grow so that we can all imagine new possible realities into being—together.

Can’t wait to meet you.”


The Wonderment Team

Cassia Matt Amy
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"Ambitious community that aims for good through global efforts...the idea behind this social-networking site is extraordinary."

— Common Sense Media