The Guatemala Mobile Library Bus

This project is creating
a world of good.

Sock Puppet Hero

This puppet is creating
a world of good.

Moloka'i, Hawai'i

This place is creating
a world of good.

The Wonderment is a platform where kids can share their creativity with each other around the world—and use it to make the world a better place.


Paths are a place where kids, classrooms and organizations share their ideas and creativity with each other.

Paths can start with anything from a fun creative challenge to a question to an idea to solve a problem in the community.

You can explore and join in on others’ Paths around the world— or be inspired to start one of your own!


Every creation shared in the Wonderment makes the Wondermeter rise. Supporting donors “back” this meter progress with funding and resources.

If a Path develops into a Project—a goal to create something specific that will impact a community or the world—it can be submitted for consideration as a featured Wonder Project.

Wonder Projects are then matched with this donor support to help them move forward and become reality.


As Paths and Projects happen around the world, they add to Places on the Wondermap.

Here, kids and teachers can learn about other parts of the world directly from each other and see how kids’ creativity, ideas and work are shaping the communities they live in—and the world we all share.

This adventure is fun—let’s keep going!

But first, who are you?

(Raccoon Ninja)