You can use The Wonderment to explore, create, connect, inspire and get support for your idea—no matter where you are in the world. There are two ways to do it:

You use a Path to:

  • Ask others a question
  • Explore an idea with a community.
  • Collaboratively create something.
  • Put a challenge out to the world.

You use a Project to:

  • Start a specific action or project to impact your community.
  • Document the work you (or your team) are doing.
  • Connect with resources to help make your project happen.
  • Share that work to coordinate with or inspire others.

Paths can inspire Projects

A Path about
listening to elders.

A Project about working in
a homeless senior shelter.

And Projects can inspire Paths

A Project to build an
eco-brick wall.

A Path to invent an
eco-brick machine.