The Wonderment platform supports and connects a global community of Wonderers to develop, document and share their work in a variety of ways.


Start a Path to:

  • Gather ideas
  • Explore a question with others
  • Collaboratively create something
  • Put a challenge out to the world


Start a Project to:

  • Develop and plan a project you want to bring to life
  • Document and display your work and impact
  • Apply for a Wonderment fund microgrant
  • Share your project with collaborators and supporters


Start a Collective to:

  • Find and gather friends and collaborators that are interested in a topic or focus
  • Connect shared exploration and work for an existing club or community
  • Build community interest and participation in your group or work
  • Make social connection impactful and collaborative

As Wonderers’ work develops on the platform, we are able to elevate opportunities to support and participate in authentic ways—no matter who you are or where you are in the world.

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