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Visionary: Project Wonder

Location: Planet Earth

Focus: Creative Social Action

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Congratulations on choosing to embark on this journey with our program! As you step into thisĀ  learning experience, it’s essential to understand the compelling reasons behind our program and the incredible opportunities it holds for your personal and professional development.

You will start the program off by raising your awareness of both yourself and the world around you. As you progress through the different modules, you will gain skills and tools that will lead you to develop your own community project. By the end of the program you will have created an entrepreneurial project that positively impacts your community!

Our program is designed to cultivate entrepreneurial skills, encouraging you to think creatively, identify opportunities, and develop a mindset that is innovative. We teach practical business content that can be applied in your life beyond high school, providing you with a toolkit for success in various real-world scenarios.

We believe in the power of community and the positive impact individuals can make.Diversity of thought and understanding different perspectives are crucial in our interconnected world. You’ll have the chance to engage actively in community projects, creating a sense of responsibility and growing your planning and decision-making skills and becoming more understanding of different perspectives around you.

Participating in our program can also add invaluable real-world experiences to your resume. Universities and future employers appreciate candidates who have not only excelled academically but have also demonstrated a commitment to practical skills and community engagement. This program positions you as a well-rounded individual ready to make a positive impact.

By choosing Project Wonder, you are investing in your own growth and setting the foundation for a future filled with possibilities.