The Wonderment is a non-profit platform for collective impact and exploration.

In 2011, as part of the non-profit org Kidnected World, we started working with young people who had ideas to impact their Collectives. After years of learning and fieldwork, we saw that young people, teachers and Collective leaders needed a place online where their ideas and work could live, grow and connect with others—a place where local ideas and action could be part of a global Collective. And so The Wonderment was born.

We connect, amplify and support authentic ideas and work by young people around the world.

On The Wonderment, you can explore simple questions or start and share major projects—it’s all a part of approaching the world around you with wonder. The elements you need, from community awareness to micro-grant funding to get your project off the ground, are built into the platform and process itself. The Wonderment is the first of its kind, bringing together young people, organizations, schools and companies to make youth-initiated ideas a reality.

Thousands of young people from over 35 countries have connected through projects like these.

Why we believe in the
power of wonder.

Everyone wonders about something different when they look around at the world. When we connect all the ways we imagine the world and find new ways to create together, it becomes a movement that reflects each person who’s a part of it. We think that’s a superpower we can all share—and that’s why we call it the Wonderment.