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Visionary: CRREAL Collective

Location: In the Wild

Focus: The future of conservation

Contribute to the CRREAL Seed Fund and support inspired beings working collectively to protect wild spaces around the world.

This isn’t just any charitable contribution. This is the opportunity to be part of a growing collective of friends who care about the future of wild spaces and beings. Together, we find and personally vet projects and people doing the most grounded, passionate and emergent work to protect their local ecosystems around the world. And here, you can support all of that work in one place.

A couple quick points to help you make your contribution:

  • In the donation module below, you can select a project focus or person that you’d like to specifically support. Or you can donate generally to the fund (in which case, your resources will go to the most specific need right now)
  • You can select whether you would like to donate via credit card/Paypal or via an offline donation (check, donor advised fund or other method)
  • Either way, you’ll receive your tax deductible documentation and personal follow up and updates so you can see where your resources are making a difference in real time—as well as opportunities to connect directly and form deeper relationships with the places and people you’re supporting.

Together, we can directly experience the joy of reciprocal heartfelt relationships with nature and each other.