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Visionary: The Wonderment Team

Location: Wonderment HQ

Focus: Imagination sparking action

Ready to get started?

When is it time to move from wonder and imagination to action? Right now!

With a vision of something you’d like to build or improve in your community, ask yourself, What can I do to start this project today? What are the actions that require no special funding or permission that I can start working on with the people and resources I’ve already got around me? Imagining the first steps toward the ultimate vision of what you’d like to create is the most imaginative work you’ll ever do.

We’ve crafted Project Pages on the Wonderment to provide the tools you’ll need to structure your thinking and your process just enough so that others can see and support the work you’re doing. They’re meant to show progress and adaptation, not perfection. All you need to get started (and for us to see the work you’re doing) is a project title, a short description, and an informal project video that introduces you, your team, your setting, and the challenge you’re taking on for your project.

Here at Wonderment HQ, we keep a close eye on new projects, and we periodically select a promising individual or group for a Project Wonder grant of up to $500 to get you started. We hope and expect that projects starting with these microgrants build interest and support from a broader community, leading to further actions and additional support in organizing and fundraising from us and our partners.

But it all starts with the first spark and the first action. Check out the How it Works video below for more details on how to start your own project page and help us get to know you and what you’re dreaming up.