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Tebogo, Botswana

I’ve spent years working with lodges and safari companies in Botswana to bring resources and services to schools and programs for children in Botswana. Continuing that work, I’ve piloted a series of workshops and learning expeditions for local kids in 5 primary schools who don’t usually get the “expedition” experience that tourists do. With the pandemic slowdown, the local businesses who have supported these efforts are struggling and have no budget for us now. With your support we can continue this conservation education and equip today’s children with knowledge and awareness to support and protect our wildlife and wild spaces for everyone’s future. Check out the log section to get to know me and see clips about projects.

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I am Tebogo Monnaaphuthego, a true wild young man, who was born within nature, up in the panhandle of the Okavango delta, who learnt the use of indigenous (natural) resources from the day I received my first breath on earth in the early 80's. Living in a very remote area with no shops, clothing, shelter, and food were all dependent on what nature provides. My core value is caring for nature as a natural conservationist who is extremely dedicated to learning and teaching the value of the ecology.
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Colorful booklets to engage kids' imagination and creativity
12,500P ($1200 USD)
7,000P ($640 USD)
Moremi expedition: Transport, park fees, camp catering, guide
25,000P ($2300 USD)
Expedition study supplies: Notebooks, pencils, etc.
500P ($50 USD)
Data fees
100 USD

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