BONUS PATH: Smart Goal Intro Spark

  • Watch the Khan Academy video about SMART goals.
  • Examine the SMART goals examples.
  • Record your personal observation of SMART goals and post on this path.

SMART Goal Examples

Work in Progress
Well-Written SMART

I will do better in business in the next trimester.
In the next trimester, I will take careful notes and review them at least a week before tests and quizzes so that I can go to extra help if needed. I will do my business homework before I do things with friends, and when I hand it in I will ask the teacher about anything that I am not sure about. When I get something wrong in class, I will ask a classmate or a teacher to make sure that I know how to get the right answer.

I would like to be better at using the computer.
By June 30, 2019, develop and apply upgraded computer skills that enable me to produce cash flow forecasts and income statement reports each month in a timely and accurate fashion.

I want to reduce the amount of trash people throw in the streets.
Conduct community interviews and create educational tools in order to reduce the amount of trash that is thrown into the streets and waterways by June 30, 2019.

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