CRREAL expansion and development

We feel your resonance with our energy and would love to have you join us as a fellow explorer and creator in the CRREAL collective!

This page is a space (called a “Path”) where we can begin that exploration together. Watch my video message. Then, to start sharing your nuggets of inspiration, just click “add a response” below. It will let you set up your free Wonderment account and then you’ll be able to upload text, photos or videos and we’ll be off and riffing together!!

A few prompts you might respond to:
What do your connection with nature and your reverence for wild spaces inspire you to create?
Where does your passion for indigenous wisdom and knowledge show up in your life and where might you be interested to apply that (either in creating projects or through support for existing projects you know of?)
How/where do you think that your interest in local natural elements and scents could somehow amplify and support sustainable community resources and relationships with the Wild?

But really– just share whatever this opportunity brings up for you and what’s alive right now for you. We can’t wait to start creating together!

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