How can our essential qualities shape CRREAL?

New paradigms need new perspectives. As we gather and build our CRREAL collective, we are deeply committed to working together to understand what essential qualities and awareness each of our resonant members can bring.
What if things like sensitivity, the ability to listen, the capacity to empathize, support and nurture were some of the most desired attributes in a new mode of operation? What if trust was valued more than technical knowledge?
We want to explore this together. In a response below, share whatever thoughts this brings up for you. A few possibilities: What are some of these essential qualities you have recognized in yourself? In what ways has this part of your nature made you feel different from those around you? Have these experiences led to feeling heard and seen and connected? If so, what made that possible? If not, how might you desire to be able to use these parts of yourself to connect, relate and share?

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