Module 2 Wrap Up

Having a refresher of a module not only reminds you of what you learned, but allows you to see how you’ve grown and apply the knowledge you’ve learned in a new way!

Scavenger Hunt

  • Gather a squad of 3-5 students from your cohort for a scavenger hunt adventure! The theme? Unraveling the needs of your community.
  • Each team member chooses 1-2 tasks based on their strengths. You’ll split up to complete these tasks and document your findings with videos or photos. Share your discoveries on the path!
    • In a pair, craft two communication plans based on a stakeholder map. Get strategic about how we connect and collaborate with different parts of our community.
    • In a small group create a short video showcasing your team’s communication skills. Demonstrate how you adapt your communication style for three different people in various environments.
    • Individually, teach a peer about impulse control or share a technique to conquer fears.
    • In a pair, interview two new community members about their community to dive deeper into their perspectives.
    • Individually, engage in a 3-5 minute discussion with someone about a human rights issue in your school community.
    • As a group, spread positivity by sharing messages of gratitude with 5 relevant people.
    • Individually, use a mind map to identify a basic community need and brainstorm solutions. Let’s be the change-makers!


  • Once you’re done, individually write or record a reflection to close the unit.
    • How did your teamwork shine in dividing tasks?
    • What’s your biggest takeaway from this module?
    • How do you connect this experience with your community project plan from Module 1?
    • What are you most proud of from this unit?

This Collective

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