Networking Introduction

You never know who you are going to meet and what opportunities will come out of those connections. Here you will practice networking so that when you are ready to connect with others in regards to your project, you feel more ready and skilled. 

Today you are going to think back to your long term goals you thought about in Module 1. Feel free to revisit the path if you need to refresh your memory. Choose one of the goals that is career related and if you don’t have one, brainstorm one right now. 

  • Using your cohort, guides, and community, find someone you can interview (yes you get to practice this skill again!) that is successful in the field that interests you. For example, if I am interested in being a musician, I could interview a singer, a guitarist in a band, a music producer, a mixer etc. because they would have first hand information on what success looks like in the music field. 
  • Set up an interview with that person. If you did phone interviews before, try a video call or in person chat instead to mix up your interviewing techniques! 
  • Before you talk with them, it is important to have an objective set when you network. Set a goal for what you hope to achieve with this networking opportunity.
  • Write down 5 sample talking points that are relevant to your goal, that might come up in conversation naturally, and genuinely interest you. Don’t be afraid to use what you learned in the small talk unit here to get you going! 
  • Complete the interview within two weeks of contacting the person. Keep in mind some rules of networking: 
    • Be genuine. No one likes a fake and people can sense your real attitude. 
    • Keep in mind your objective so you do not waste the opportunity. You have ideas of value and have every right to share them. 
    • At the same time, let the conversation flow naturally. 
    • Don’t be intimidated or afraid. If you want to learn something specific, don’t be afraid to ask for it! 
  • After the interview, send a message of gratitude, reconnect on one point that will help you achieve your objective, and/or provide relevant updates. 
  • Post your objective and how the conversation went on the path. Include:
    • What was your objective? 
    • How did achieving your objective go?
    • How were you successful? 
    • What do you need more help and support from your guides to make networking easier for you?

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