Organization Tools

Brainstorm and Learn

  • Take a quiet moment to brainstorm what tools you use to keep their materials organized and tasks on track. Rank their effectiveness from 1-10 (10 meaning they are always able to stay organized with this method, 1 meaning it is completely ineffective).
  • Watch the video on organization tools or go through the presentation yourself.

Group Planning

  • Choose one of the hypothetical community projects that would need to be completed in the next six months.
  • Create a project plan using at least 1 of the organization tools discussed.

Hypothetical Community Projects

Community Garden Project: Start a community garden project where you collaborate with local residents to create and maintain a shared green space. This project promotes sustainable living, fosters community connections, and provides fresh produce to those in need.

Environmental Cleanup Initiative: You can organize the restoration of natural habitats in your community. This project raises awareness about environmental issues and beautifies public spaces for everyone to enjoy.

Youth Mentorship Program: You establish a youth mentorship program where you offer guidance and support to younger students in academics, career exploration, and personal development. This project empowers teens to become role models, cultivates leadership skills, and strengthens intergenerational bonds within the community.

Community Food Drive: Initiate a community food drive to collect and distribute food items to local food banks or shelters. This project addresses food insecurity, promotes empathy and compassion, and mobilizes community members to take action against hunger.

Digital Literacy Workshops: You can organize digital literacy workshops to teach community members, especially seniors, how to use technology effectively. This project promotes digital inclusion, bridges the digital divide, and empowers individuals with essential digital skills for today’s world.

Community Health and Wellness Fair: Host a community health and wellness fair featuring interactive activities, educational sessions, and health screenings. This project promotes healthy living habits, raises awareness about wellness resources, and encourages community members to prioritize their physical and mental well-being.


Individual Work Time

  • Write or tell a short story individually, being as creative as you want. Your story should be between 250-500 words or 2-4 minutes and use the ideas from their project plan. Each short story needs to include the following information and feature yourself as the main character. Then post it on the path.
    • An organizational tool
    • Academic life benefits
    • Social life benefits

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