BONUS PATH: Strengths Mindfulness Spark

Research has shown that there are many benefits of knowing our strengths. Below are a few reasons why it has a positive effect on our everyday lives. 

  1. It supports your understanding of your motivation to do things.
  2. It helps you make decisions when you are aware of who you are. 
  3. It gives you the confidence to stand up for what you believe in.
  4. It helps you build strong relationships on trust and on honesty.
  5. It helps you take risks because of all the above – you trust yourself and others and know what you believe in.
  • Watch the video and read about the benefits of strengths.
  • Choose two of the benefits of strengths that you believe will be most beneficial in your life.
  • Locate a quiet space where you can work undisturbed. On the path, respond to the following prompt:
    • For each selected benefit, write a brief paragraph explaining its relevance to you today and ways you might use this information in the future.

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