Strengthsfinder Activity

Time to discover your superpowers with the Strengthsfinder Test!

Strengthsfinder Test

  • Take the strengthsfinder (VIA) test using the provided link and sign in with your email to view your results. Make sure to sign up for the appropriate test based on your age (youth 8-17 and adults 18+)
  • Link:
  • Once you’ve got your results, find three different people and share your top three strengths with them. Do you agree with what the test says? Discuss and compare your thoughts with each other.


  • Now, get creative! Design a poster with your name and top 3 strengths, along with their corresponding values. Make it colorful and unique!Hang your awesome poster somewhere in the room where you’ll see it every day.
  • Hang your poster somewhere in the room where you can easily see it.
  • Finally, post a photo of your strengths poster on this path.

*Remember to come back and find someone who has similar strengths to yours. Share why having similar strengths can be beneficial and how you can support each other’s growth.

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