The Pack: Tips and Tricks

The game developers are creating a guide where they show you how to play. Let us know what tips you would add so we can offer help to future players. When answering the questions below, make sure to tell us what point you are at in the game and add a screenshot of what you are talking about.

(To take a screenshot on a Mac computer, simply press Command-Shift-3. To do the same on an Ipad/Iphone press the Home and Lock buttons at the same time. For a Windows computer hit the PrtScn button.)

We really want to know:
– What’s something in the game you’re having a hard time with?
– Is there something that didn’t work? What happened?
– What did you try that helped solve a problem in Algos? How did you do it?

Share a screenshot!

This Collective

By Nick-from-NYSCI

New York, United States

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