While it is important and powerful to visualize your goal and project, you also need to create a plan of action for when the going gets tough and you need some motivation. One great option is doing the WOOP method. 

  • W for Wish – Set a second SMART goal for this course. Return to the Module 1 SMART goal refresh path if you need it! This time, your SMART goal should be for your project and what you hope to achieve. 
  • O for Outcome – Choose one of the methods to create a visual for your outcome
    • Listen to the guided visualization
    • Create a visual that shows you achieving your outcome, utilizing all 5 senses, demonstrating your emotional reaction, and relating it to your values and how it will affect the rest of your life.
  • O for Obstacle – Make a copy of the chart. Brainstorm any possible obstacles that might get in your way to achieve your goals.  ​​
  • P for Plan – Set a “when (obstacle), then (effective plan)” plan for each obstacle. 
  • Share your WOOP chart on the path. Make sure to adjust your settings to allow others to view. 
  • Respond to one other cohort’s WOOP chart with positive advice. 

To continue, return to the Module 4 Opportunity Card.

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