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Caroline Espinoza Casey, Playa Potrero, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Proyecto Potrero first took shape as three family members sat together on a bench during a rainy day in Costa Rica. Noticing the accumulation of mud and water on the side of the bus stop, and how inconvenient it is to cross during the rainy season, comments were made and the idea hatched in the mind of a 17-year-old girl, itching to help her new community. The task will not be easy- installing a cement water duct on the side of the road to help filter water out from heavy rainfall instead of making a huge puddle. It will have to depend on more than just one. This project will need the support, donations, labor, and acceptance of many. But in the end, the objective is to help better the lives of those living in Playa Potrero in small ways; like helping kids run onto the soccer field without getting dirty, or helping workers, ready and polished for work, to go sit under the bus stop without getting soaked.
A few small steps lead to a big leap!

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Caroline Espinoza Casey

What I like:
My passions are surfing, spending time with friends and family, doing artwork and playing soccer. I love the freedom that these activities give me and the happiness that fills me inside when I do them and put my whole heart into them!
What I Do:
This project has quickly transformed into a passion and goal I want to reach. From reaching small victories; like making new friends to seeing someone smile about watching my project grow and flourish, to big ones, like eventually laying down cement and assembling the construction team, I will continue to think big and be open to all opportunities that may come my way.
What I Want:
Some skills I have acquired over time are a strong work ethic and dedication to everything I do. These skills come from working for 4 months as a cook in a restaurant and working 2 months doing voluntary construction work in San Jose, Costa Rica.
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