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Daniel Duarte

What I like:
I'm straight up a tech nerd, I've always been looking after technological inovations starting with phones then jumping into computer hardware and software to cryptocurrencies and I've also looked into robotics, the amount of advancedments within the time I was born to today are just fascinating and being upgraded in an incredible speed which makes me not want to stay behind always learning more and going more into depth on variations and tests that were done to get to the ideal point.
What I Do:
Im persistant, when I want to learn something I stay loyal to it and do all to my reach my goals. As said before I'm a a tech nerd, if I get stuck I will find a way to get things done. I'm a fast visual and auditory learner I'll burn thorugh the learning process and start applying what I learn into designing.
What I Want:
I'd like to get the basics of 3D modeling, which could be a freelance in extra time or just for fun. With this I will be able to get more involved in the VR and AR worlds which will allow me be a part of the technological inovations that will soon be created. I'd like to by the end of this CAS project the AR pet is used in school videos that have to do with pur sports teams, I'd also like to stick some QR codes which will bring the School pet to live on your camera
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