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Dream Team, Guanacaste Costa Rica

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Sean-Dream Team

What I like:
I like sports, music and clothing, I believe those three main things are in my daily life no matter the situation or day. Whenever I have the chance to play sports I take it, when I'm playing sports its almost like everything in my life disappears and all that's left is happiness and good vibes. Some sports I mainly enjoy are soccer, surfing, biking, and hockey. Something that really pushes me and keeps me going is music, if I'm ever having a bad day I always feel like I can always turn to music and find my way back. It always motivates me to play sports to my limits, and especially to keep focused on school work. Anytime I go anywhere I believe it is necessary to look proper with a nice set of clothing, wether its just a plain white t-shirt or a suit, its a necessity to me. If I ever go anywhere I always will always try and look my nicest, not to impress but for myself.
What I Do:
I can do a lot of things, but the things I do best are surfing, socializing, and working in teams. I have always felt comfortable and safe in the ocean since the day I stepped in it, whenever Im surfing it feels like Im free and able to do whatever. The feeling of the warm water and the sun is something many people don't get to experience so I take appreciate every moment I get to do it. I am also a very social person, I find it very easy to fit in with any crowed at any time. I like to surround myself with people at all times, I believe this is because I'm one of six so no matter what its always a social surrounding. Since I was a kid I've always admired working in teams, team work is the key to having a strong outcome. This is what I believe because when working with a group it gives multiple perspectives so the final outcome is not dull.
What I Want:
I want to influence the people around me to do something they find joy in and expand on that in a way they can create profit. I also want to help the people around me, a lot people in Costa Rica live in poverty causing there people to live in wooden sheds with thin pieces of metal as their roof, and to not have running water in their home. Mainly I would want to give back to the community in anyway possible wether it is food, water, housing or funds. I would also want this to become somewhat famous or well known because it will help with a strong future for me and my community. It will help the community because I will be giving the funds to people in need pushing them towards a better lifestyle, making the community better overall. It will also help me because, once I have left school it can be a considerable future to support myself, family and friends.
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