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La Paz volleyball team, La Paz community school

My Idea for my CAS project is to form a La Paz co ed volleyball team. The way this would work is girls and boys would go to practice together and then for games the girls team will play against other schools girls team for example, CRIA, San Cruz, Educarte,Teocail, and etc. The boys can then vs other boys teams like in the other schools that I listed. Ways that I could fundraise for uniforms and volleyballs is bake sales, movie night, uniform free day, game night, karaoke night, car wash , 50/50 raffle (sell raffle tickets and offer half of the proceeds raised as the prize). I’m getting help from Kristen Craig she will be one of our coaches and I will also be getting help from Megan as well. My goal for this project is to have a functioning team that has practice twice every week, to have amazing hardworking coaches, to have team uniforms, to have a team that works well together ,that can play games against other schools, and most importantly to have fun and build a strong hard working cooperative team.

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